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US Customs & Compliance

Cross Border



As a certified customs trade partner against terrorism, our logistics company leverages the esteemed Free and Secure Trade (FAST) lanes at the Canadian and Mexican borders. This C-TPAT certification enables us to provide expedited transportation, reduced inspections, and streamlined processes, benefiting our clients with prompt delivery. By bypassing lengthy lines and ensuring faster transit times, we enhance efficiency and minimize delays. Our commitment to strict security measures, customs compliance, and international freight forwarding expertise is evident in our access to these lanes, providing our clients with the assurance that their goods are securely handled throughout the entire cross-border journey.

Bonded Carrier

As a leading logistics company, we take pride in our Bonded Carrier certification, which sets us apart from the competition. With this certification, we are authorized to transport goods across U.S. points of entry, allowing us to bypass duties, taxes, and fees. This translates into significant cost reduction for our clients. By partnering with us, clients can defer the payment of duties and taxes, optimizing cash flow and allocating resources more efficiently. Our Bonded Carrier status also enhances our flexibility in managing cross-border shipments, ensuring that we can adapt to changing requirements and unforeseen circumstances with ease.

4th Party Logistics

Warehousing & Distribution


Our warehouse management system, fully secured facility, and operation ensures the safe and secure storage, consolidation, and distribution of your inventory.

  • Meticulous inventory management and control.

  • Seamless distribution channels enable you to meet business demands promptly and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.
  • Trailer Spotting

    We make it easier for our shippers and carriers with organized and efficient spotting, getting trucks ready to go and where they need to be on time.

  • Trailers are promptly positioned and ready for loading, minimizing wait times and maximizing operational efficiency.

  • We deliver reliable and punctual solutions to meet your deadlines and enhance supply chain management, while offering unmatched customer service.
  • Bonded Warehouse

    Our secure facilities offer customs-controlled warehousing for your imported goods, providing the benefit of deferring the payment of customs duties.

  • Until your products are ready for distribution or re-export, we can hold your inventory duty-free.

  • Streamlined supply chains and expert inventory management will optimize your logistics operation and meet your global trade needs.
  • Transportation



    Using a full truckload for your freight minimizes travel time and shipping risks with fewer stops and less handling.

    • Specialized handling with reefer transportation for temperature-sensitive goods, flatbed services for oversized or unconventional loads, and hazmat transport for hazardous materials.

    • Take full advantage of our live tracking solutions.

    • Reduced transit time, enhanced security, and cost-effective solutions through load optimization.


    With less-than-truckload shipping you only pay for the space you use, reducing transportation costs for smaller shipments.

    • Benefit from advanced tracking and monitoring systems for enhanced visibility and control over your LTL shipments.


    • Our transportation solutions seamlessly handle your inbound and outbound LTL needs, including specialized reefer services to meet diverse cargo requirements, ensuring precise temperature control.

    Sprinter Van

    Sprinter Van

    Our sprinter van service offers an expedited option, ensuring swift and secure deliveries that meet urgent deadlines with precision.

    • We prioritize the safety and security of your goods, guaranteeing that they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.
    • Our sprinter services are flexibly tailored to meet your specific requirements, offering a personalized approach to cater to your unique transportation needs.
    • An economical and expedited option for smaller shipments.

    Box Truck

    Box Truck

    A versatile and cost-effective option for the fast delivery of various load sizes.

    • The box trucks are equipped to handle a diverse range of shipments, from smaller loads to medium-sized freight, making them the ideal choice for various industries and businesses.

    • With our box truck services, you can expect efficient transportation that adheres to strict schedules, ensuring your goods reach their destination promptly.




    Cutting-edge monitoring technology ensuring the safety of your goods. LTL and FTL options allow for flexibility in shipping operations.

    ATI & JFG

    Powered by Agramont

    Integrated truck fleet management through our subsidiary companies ATI and JFG offer end-to-end transportation and logistics solutions from warehousing to delivery.

    Carrier Database

    Through our strong and trusted partnerships with a wide network of carriers, we grant access to a diverse pool of reputable carriers who prioritize safety, efficiency, and exceptional customer service.

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